Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Petticoating Posters by Christeen

I have always been a fan of Christeen and her beautiful feminization art. They are sooooo cute and adorable. Plus sort of sexy and hot. I have always wished I was Christeen. The sissy boi being petticoated and humiliated. Being shown off for the teen sissy boi princess I truly am.

I love this one because the teen sissy bois are so cute and adorable in their floral dresses, petticoats and heels. The guy on the bike is sooo HAWT! I wish I was the girl on the back of the bike with him grabbing him tight.

What sissy boi would want to be a soccer practice when he could spend the time trying on beautiful dresses? 

I AM a sissy boi, a pansy, a girlie boi, a simpering Barbie boi, a boi princess, a panty waist, a nancy, a lilly, a puff, a fag, a swishy, a femme. A swishy femme fashion Princess.

I am a very weak, small, girly, dependent and ultra swishy femme girly boi.

marissa anne Lugo (teen sissy boi princess)

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  1. OMG! love your blog. It just screams sissy girlie. swishy femme fashion princess? That is so adorable and cute. I can't wait it to show this to all the girlfriends!